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This page displays photos of former 143D personnel on deployment for the War on Terror.

Also visit www.yovito.com for the BAGDAD DIARIES from California Army National Guard State Surgeon, COL Vito Imbasciani.


Hi yall,
It's Halloween here and I've been flying around Iraq with the 2-135TH GSAB known as the "BlackJacks" (Argh, always wanted to be a pirate!) and they're Med Evac Charlie Company, the "Cutters". Pretty busy month here, the fourth deadlist of the war, our medics are flying 68% of all of Iraq's Med Evac. Have been sending BG Albertson as many hands on photos, have flown >30 missions, generally to outlying FOB's and primarily to Baghdad. Some uncool POI's with Humvees blown up by armor penetrating IED's and deadly injuries. Can't tell you how proud I am to be serving with these guys and gals on the frontlines, they make me proud and humble. What you are all doing is very important, no matter how much bullshit you have to put up with, we're making a differnce. Democracy comes with a huge price and history will prove our being here made a difference for what is good and right in this world. Now do you PT and aarrgghh, I'll be back the begining of December. Write, emails are great..........................................COL Brender PS SGT Brand please forward to All the Well Educated Troops, F- John Kerry, commy b-