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History of the 143RD Evacation Hospital

The 143rd Evacuation Hospital was constituted on 1 February 1954 and allotted to the California Army National Guard. On 13 December 1954 the unit was organized and federally recognized at Los Angeles, California under the Command of COL D. B. McCallum. At the time of organization the unit had a compliment of 20 enlisted men and 20 officers, most of whom were veterans of World War II or Korea. The final authorized strength of the 143rd Evacuation Hospital was 399. During its history, the hospital was located in Central Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, with its final location in Buidling 5, Los Alamitos. The primary wartime mission of the 143rd Evacuation Hospital was to provide hospitalization for up to 400 patients within the combat zone. In peacetime, the hospital provided medical support to California Army National Guard units.

Our Philosophy
FORMER COMMANDERS: COL D. B. McCallum, COL James T. Ferguson, COL Clark R. Miller, COL Forrest E. Hull, COL James Q. Simmons III, COL Stephen M. Wyman, COL Sanford A. Hepps, COL Jack M. Osborne, COL Alan Fleckner and COL Joseph Seigel. The final commander for the 143rd Evacuation Hospital was COL Thomas "Tom" Flaherty.

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1964 - Operation Desert Strike
1983-89 Team Spirit-Korea
1981-85-88-92 Wounded Warrior Exercises
1984 - Olympics Support
1985 - Earthquake Response Exercise
1986 - Corps Defender Exercise
1986 - Starburst Exercise
1987 - Forks of the Salmon Fire
1988 - San Francisco Earthquake
1990 - DEPMEDS Transition Training
1991 - Operation Medic
1992 - LA Riots
1994 - Northridge Earthquake
1996 - Operation Rough and Ready
1996 - Nuevos Horizantes-Panama

143D History

1964-Operation Desert Strike
1983-89Team Spirit-Korea
1981-85-88-92 Wounded Warrior Exercises
1984-Olympics Support
1985-Earthquake Response Exercise
1986-Corps Defender Exercise
1986-Starburst Exercise
1987-Forks of the Salmon Fire
1988-San Francisco Earthquake
1990-DEPMEDS Transition Training
1991-Operation Medic
1992-LA Riots
1994-Northridge Earthquake
1996-Operation Rough and Ready
1996-Nuevos Horizantes-Panama